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Enjoying "The View" with Adam Stark '13

A natural-born performer, Adam found a love for producing when he created the first student-run show at Milken, "Milken Night Live," a live sketch comedy show. After cultivating his production skills at Milken, Adam graduated in 2013 and attended Hofstra University’s Lawrence Herbert School of Communication on Long Island, New York where he majored in television production with a minor in philosophy. During his four years in college, Adam became involved with the student-run television shows and produced and directed multiple short films. He was selected among a number of students to take on the role of producer for "Director's Cut," a student-produced television show at Hofstra. The show focuses on student directors and their upcoming projects, along with celebrating the dynamic themes and innovators in the film world. Adam spent his senior year co-producing the show, revamping it with new and exciting material to give the show more value and attract a wider viewing audience.

In between his college years, Adam continued his learning through internships at prestigious media companies, including the Fine Bros. YouTube channel and ABC News. During his time at ABC, Adam attended highly publicized events like the NBA Draft and had the chance to work with celebrity guests such as British actor Edris Elba. His impressive breadth of experience helped land him a position on ABC's "The View" as a media coordinator, working with producers and the news staff to gather and edit video elements for each live show.

In the years since creating "Milken Night Live," Adam noted, he “learned the importance of meeting deadlines, taking charge, and being resourceful. These skills have since aided [me] in accomplishing a multitude of difficult tasks in [my] time as a producer at Hofstra and staff member at ABC.” In case it wasn’t clear, Adam hopes one day to become a producer for a show. He is especially interested in working in late-night TV, potentially on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," "Conan," or "The Tonight Show."

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